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With over 30 years of experienceI provide legal counsel to produce the best possible outcome in your criminal or dui case. Call me.
These offenses include sex with a minor, rape, molestation, child abuse, elder abuse, oral copulation, sodomy, indecent exposure, prostitution, pimping, failure to register as a sex offender, and lewd and lascivious acts.

There is little more frightening then being accused of a "sex" crime. These cases in particular must be defended aggressively. NEVER BE INTERVIEWED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT WITHOUT YOUR ATTORNEY PRESENT!!! NEVER DISCUSS SUCH AN INCIDENT WITH A RELATIVE OR CARETAKER OF THE ACCUSER ON THE TELEPHONE.

The conversation is probably being tape recorded without your knowledge. Do not for one minute believe that you have nothing to fear if you are innocent. In reality, you probably have more to fear. A successful defense is dependent upon early and thorough investigation. These cases take a tremendous amount of attorney time. You want to hire counsel who will take that time. You want to hire me.

Often experts in medicine and psychology are needed if the case goes to trial. Lie Detector tests are sometimes helpful in resolving the case even thought the results are not admissible in court.

Witnesses need to be interviewed early in the case. The earlier the better!

You can't imagine how drastically a conviction for such an offense can change your life. Conviction can result in jail, prison, counseling, registration as a sex offender, AIDS and HIV testing and collection of your DNA, significant fines, restitution, stay away conditions, etc. I can not emphasize enough how important it is to seek counsel as soon as you have the slightest suspicion that you might be questioned or accused.

Spanish Interpreter
The services of a spanish interpreter are available free of charge.
Competitive Fees
Our fees are competitive. Payment arrangements are available on a case by case basis. You are generally given a flat fee for specific stages of the proceedings. In misdemeanor cases there is a flat fee prior to trial and a separate fee if the case goes to trial. In felony cases you will be given a flat fee for attorney work through and including the preliminary hearing and a separate fee for work following the preliminary hearing and including trial. That keeps your costs down. If your case doesn't go to trial you don't pay for trial.
Private Investigator
The services of a private investigator are also available for a separate fee, should one be necessary.

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