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Do you have a criminal record that is holding you back?  Criminal records  limit your access to the "American Dream".  A criminal record makes it difficult for you to get a job, obtain housing,  further your education or obtain a state license. Don't you think it's time to do something about it?  You should consider having that record expunged.

To expunge technically means to erase, strike out or to obliterate.  Who hasn't done something in their life that they would like to erase?  All of us have.   The reality is that where criminal convictions are concerned, the  record is never completely erased.  Some entity will always be able to access at least a portion of the record.  Still, your position can be improved.  Records can be sealed and or altered to limit who has access to the records and to minimize the amount of the information available. Guilty pleas (and verdicts )can be replaced with not guilty pleas (or verdicts set aside) followed by dismissal of the case. In other instances Certificates of Rehabilitation  and pardons can be obtained.  Even registration requirements can be eliminated.  A felony can often be reduced to a misdemeanor.  These procedures alone can open  doors that have previously been closed to you.

Don't continue to deny yourself the opportunity to put your past behind you.  Have that record expunged!

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Our fees are competitive. Payment arrangements are available on a case by case basis. You are generally given a flat fee for specific stages of the proceedings. In misdemeanor cases there is a flat fee prior to trial and a separate fee if the case goes to trial. In felony cases you will be given a flat fee for attorney work through and including the preliminary hearing and a separate fee for work following the preliminary hearing and including trial. That keeps your costs down. If your case doesn't go to trial you don't pay for trial.
Private Investigator
The services of a private investigator are also available for a separate fee, should one be necessary.

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