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There are a wide variety of drug offenses. You may be charged with simple possession, sales, manufacturing, growing or trafficking in a controlled substance. The substances vary. It could be "weed", "crack","hash","coke"," meth", ecstacy, prescription drugs, etc.

You don't have to sell drugs to be charged with possession for sale. Officers often allege sells when their is a large quantity of drugs or if the drugs are packaged individually. Remember, just because you are accused of a crime doesn't mean that you're guilty or that it can be proven. There are defenses. Search and seizure issues come into play in these cases too.

We have successfully defended these cases by obtaining a reduction in charges, dismissals , probation, drug treatment and in other cases, reduced prison time.

It is often possible to avoid prison if convicted of a drug offense. There are a lot of variables. Each case is different. Conviction could result in drug treatment, loss of driving priviledge, registration as a narcotics offender, search and seizure conditions, jail and state prison.

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The services of a spanish interpreter are available free of charge.
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Our fees are competitive. Payment arrangements are available on a case by case basis. You are generally given a flat fee for specific stages of the proceedings. In misdemeanor cases there is a flat fee prior to trial and a separate fee if the case goes to trial. In felony cases you will be given a flat fee for attorney work through and including the preliminary hearing and a separate fee for work following the preliminary hearing and including trial. That keeps your costs down. If your case doesn't go to trial you don't pay for trial.
Private Investigator
The services of a private investigator are also available for a separate fee, should one be necessary.

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